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Dyanne Beekman launches worldwide the first fashionable business sneaker DB.01.

HILVERSUM, 26 January 2017 – Fashion entrepreneur, Dyanne Beekman, has collaborated with Emma Safety Footwear, a market leader in the Benelux on developing a complete new vision in business footwear. The result is DB.01, a fashionable business sneaker that meets all the international safety regulations. McDonald’s will be the first in the Netherlands to use them.

DB.01. was developed for the hotel and catering sector, but by now, it appears to be utmost suitable for work in the healthcare and retail sectors. Dyanne Beekman’s design makes the business sneaker a real fashion item. “I am proud to put a business shoe on the market, which also attracts young people. Over the years, sneakers have developed into fashion items with a representative look,” says Dyanne.

The sneakers have a unique sole profile for extra grip on the work floor. The extremely high anti-slip aspect is more than 30% above the required European norm. The Hydro-Tec ® inner lining and the specially designed foot bed provide optimum moisture absorption and good balance. That makes the DB.01 comfortable to wear. Certainly also because it is lightweight.
From their exploratory market research, Beekman and Emma Safety Footwear learned that there is a huge demand for hygienic sneakers. The DB.01 is anti-bacterial and after a working day can easily be thrown into the laundry machine.
The business sneaker is available as a branded or non-branded version. The version for McDonald’s has the brand name on the tongue and the shoestring.

Marjolein Reijs HR Director, McDonald’s Nederland:“A few years ago, we took a step in the right direction by providing our crew with brand name uniforms from Dyanne Beekman’s crew clothing line. We know how important it is to be proud of your brand and to promote it. The trendy and safe business sneaker fits perfectly with this approach.”

Tom Hermans, CEO, Emma Holding: “I am pleased that Emma can implement its expertise in safety on the work floor via this beautiful partnership, that enables a large group of employees to work safely each day.”

About Dyanne Beekman
Fashion entrepreneur and TV hostess Dyanne Beekman has been the director of the Beekman Group since 1996. Beekman Group consists of five divisions: DYANNE collections, Work Wear, Styling, Events, Training & Advising.
In 2015 Dyanne opened her first shop in Hilversum, the DYANNE store. In collaboration with Syntrus Achmea, Dyanne endeavours to roll out this concept in 20-25 DYANNE stores throughout the Netherlands.

About McDonald’s Nederland
In the Netherlands, McDonald’s caters to nearly 3 million guests each week at any time of the day, providing a variety of choices and freshly prepared iconic products meticulously prepared by more than 17,500 employees. McDonald’s has 246 restaurants in the Netherlands.

About Emma Safety Footwear
Emma Safety Footwear (Bunde/Maastricht) and Protag Shoe Supply (shoe factory in Brunssum/Parkstad) are part of Emma Holding. The company was established in 1931 and in 2017 it plans to manufacture around 600,000 pairs of shoes, including Emma safety footwear. Starting in 2020, the forecast is 1 million shoes per year. (


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Dyanne Beekman designs clothes Roompot

Kamperland, May 19, 2015 – The individual is becoming increasingly important in business. If the employee then he can feel good in the clothes drop the maximum performance for the company. That is also the philosophy of Dyanne Beekman which the more than 2,000 employees for Roompot plugged into the new. “By making small adjustments all employees have the opportunity to create their own style.”

Beekman, who previously designed the workwear to include McDonalds, Roompot has taken its inspiration from the surroundings and the history of the holiday company that this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. “The dress gives a family feeling and exudes cosiness and fits well with the traditional Dutch Roompot which wants to convey,” says Jurgen van Cutsem, CEO of Roompot. The clothes focus on comfort with a fashionable appearance in red, white and blue. “During the design process, I asked myself what I wear at home when coming visit. This was an important idea during the development of the clothing, “said Dyanne Beekman.

Increasing demand workwear

“Working is the business card of the company and that we realize too. Therefore, we have chosen a reputable designer, “says Van Cutsem. Beekman notes a growing demand for workwear. “It often happens that we are” no “to sell, because the company does not fit with our philosophy.”

Comfortable and proud

Roompot was designed clothes for nine different departments including catering, reception and supermarket. Beckman always develops a style guide which employees receive advice how to suit their style wearing the clothes in different ways. It is striking that much denim is used. “Denim is comfortable and it can take a beating. The point is that the employee is working with pride and feel at home in his or her outfit “The staff have evaluated the occupational reacted according to the designer excited and said.” Is this workwear? Can we also order for home? “” That’s impossible, but the reactions were exactly as the clothing is intended. ”

About Roompot

Roompot began on April 1, 1965 as a camp site in the Zeeland village of Kamperland, but has grown into a market leader with 200 residences with a total of over 20,000 accommodation spread over 11 countries. Headquartered in Zeeland Kamperland. The holiday parks and campsites Roompot located directly on the beach and sea and surrounded by nature.

About Dyanne Beekman

Dyanne Beekman’s fashion entrepreneur and television presenter. For the general public it became known that includes the television Looking Good on RTL 4 and the DYANNE collections. For 19 years she has been Director of Beekman Group. Beekman Group has grown into a fashion company with five divisions: DYANNE collections, Corporate, Styling, Events, Training & Consultancy.
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Dyanne Beekman designing interactive clothing for Sound and Vision

Hilversum, March 31, 2015 – The public supervisors of Sound and Vision will be from April 3, 2015 given a new look. Fashion Entrepreneur Dyanne Beekman designed a completely new look and a special fabric for clothing. The custom-made fabric is made up of hundreds of tiny images of famous faces and scenes from the Dutch television history. The clothes start Sound and over the Easter weekend with a completely new concept: pop-up storytelling. Periodically tell the public attendants to the rich audiovisual collection of the Institute of the museum visitors.

Pop-up storytelling
Tutors public use clothing as a starting point for telling stories to the visitors about the history of Dutch television. The photo of Mr. Owl example, the starting point for a story about the origin and development of puppet series for children. An image of Van Kooten and De Bie is an introduction to satire on Dutch television.

Pop-up storytelling allows the visitors to the museum in an original way to learn more about the immense collection of Sound and Vision. The audience counselors who walk around in the museum, telling a personal and playful way special stories on television and radio history. They do that from this weekend every Saturday and Sunday three times a day.


Dyanne Beekman says about her design for Sound and Vision: “In all my designs I have always challenged to create a corporate image in which the dignity of the individual can be expressed. It is important that you do with a few elements to create your own identity, by means of a small change.

I am proud to be the public supervisors of Sound and Vision, the institute has a huge picture and sound archive, I can give an appropriate outfit to them all that special audiovisual material may again bring to the attention of the visitor. One of our USPs is that this is not a one-off design for Sound and Vision, but we in the coming years in relation to the activities in the museum, take the clothing up to date. ”


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